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This is me, Jeroen van der Heiden the image displayed above is me at the North Korean Embassy Prague, Czech Republic.
Yes... I've been to many exotic places :)

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When I was born I had a passion of collection coins, it didn't matter what coin it was it just gave me joy to collect them. In 2014 I started to collect some North Korean coins and banknotes. I bought a couple of them and I did love the design of them. Since not much is known about North Korean coins and banknotes I thought it would be appropriate to scan my collection and make it available to the public.


I like to collect North Korean coins for multiple reasons:

  • Not much is known from North Korean coins
  • There are not many people in the world who collect them I only know some of them.
  • Investing in North Korean coins can be successful.
  • Some of the coins are quite rare to obtain

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